Posted in April 2012

Italian Orzotto

A while back I made risotto with barley.  Apparently that isn’t anything new and a lot of people do it and its called ‘Orzotto’.   Who knew, I thought I was being so clever.  Well, I cannot really remember what I did and I did not take a picture, but I do remember it tasted really … Continue reading

Beans and Macaroni

Growing up we always had beans and macaroni.  I hated it.  It was my least-favorite meal 2nd only to ‘barf-barley soup’.  Sorry Mom, but you know Jessica (sister) and I hated those meals.   My brother , father and mother LOVE beans and macaroni – as does my extended family.  In fact, my sister and I … Continue reading

Week 3 in review

So, I’ve been vegan for 3 weeks now.  What have I learned? On Meat/Dairy Substitutes. I do not like meat/dairy substitutes.  I like nuts, beans, seeds etc…  I do not like tempeh (or I have no CLUE how to properly cook it).  I did not like Tofurkey brand hot dogs and sausage.  Soy cheese and … Continue reading

Easter – vegan style

Easter in our house was the best.  It was filled with extended family and the. best. food. ever.  It was a giant italian feast.  We started with anti-pasta.  There was a sicilian one that was a favorite with those who like olives (not me.) and then the one with the cheese, roasted peppers, marinated mushrooms … Continue reading

Hot dog stand

I have the luxury of living and working in a VERY vegan/vegetarian friendly place.  So when its time for lunch even VEGANs can go to the hot dog stand!  My co-worker enjoyed a soy hot dog and vegetarian chili. I enjoyed some french fries and a soy italian sausage with marinara and roasted peppers and … Continue reading


I made some sweet potato burritos the other night.  I have to say – they did come out perfect.  I made up the recipe myself so I’ve included it if you want to make it yourself.  (be warned, I do not measure when cooking) The kids actually ate and liked them, which is a HUGE … Continue reading

The Vegan Athlete

I’m sort of physically active. I play a lot of sports, but I still say ‘sort of’.  Let me explain.  I’m on 2 softball teams and 1 indoor soccer team.  That’s 3 nights a week. Pretty impressive, right? Well….  Let’s break it down.  Softball – co-ed, rec league.  That means – I run my tail … Continue reading