Tropical breakfast muffins

I love me some oatmeal.  Coaches oats to be exact.  LOVE.  I eat it with frozen blueberries or peanut butter or strawberry jam or just some brown sugar.  But – oatmeal gets a little old after 6 days.  I need something portable (remember the whole morning issue?)  Well, I saw this recipe on a website and needed to try it.

I used honey (not vegan obviously).  I didn’t have enough banana so I added mashed kiwi to make up the 2 cups.  I used cinnamon, coconut, walnuts, vegan chocolate chips and raisins.  I froze 1/2 of them because it made 24 muffins.  They are wonderful.  They freeze great – they are great with a little peanut butter too.  Meat-Husband really likes them also because they are a VERY filling breakfast.  I would have added more cinnamon next time as I couldn’t really taste it.  I just guessed, I think I added 1 t.

Get the recipe here!


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