Vegan Cheesecake

Made this vegan pumpkin cheesecake for Easter this weekend. I really wanted something that was decadent, special and non-dairy so the whole family could enjoy it. [Get the recipe here].

First I made the topping, crushed it up nicely with a fork.


Next, I made the crust.  I used Target-brand gingersnaps.  I will say this, they are not my favorite gingersnaps.  They are very gingery.  I like the nice crisp-thin ones.  These are thick and slightly-burned tasting.  It wasn’t the best option for the crust.  Next time, I would use better cookies OR do 1/2 gingersnap and 1/2 graham cracker.  I do not like graham cracker crusts which is why I opted for the snaps…. but that wasn’t really a good decision.


Next up – the filling.  My blender did a good job, but it worked VERY hard blended everything together.  I really liked the simplicity of it all.  Blend-er up and voila – ‘cheese’cake is done!


The cake on the cooled crust – ready to be baked.  I think it looks so pretty here.  Notice I don’t have the pan on a cookie sheet.  ROOKIE MISTAKE!  I mean – who doesn’t put their spring form pan on a cookie sheet?!?  Well, some liquid seeped out.  I didn’t realize it until the billowing smoke in the kitchen told me.  I was so upset – I thought the cake was going to taste all burnt.  I pulled it out of the top oven – turned the bottom oven on and tossed it in.  This was only 1/2 way through baking!  Anyone who has ever made a real cheesecake would know that spells D-O-O-M!  But, it still came out perfect.  My top oven was much worse off than the cake.


A nice view of the cut cake with the topping.  Meat-Husband’s response was “I think I like this vegan thing”.  He’s eaten 1/2 the cake by himself.  That is saying a LOT since it contains the dreaded “tofu”!



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