Chick pea nuggets


Made my own Chick-pea nuggets for the kids.  I’ve had Vital Wheat Gluten for a while and wanted to play with it.  I’ve been a little nervous, i mean – “meat” from “wheat”?  Well, I found Lindsey’s recipe for Chick-pea nuggets and had all the ingredients on hand.  I REALLY wish I waited for the kids to make them, they would have LOVED to make the dough.  I used crushed tortilla chips for the ‘breading’ on these.

Click here for the recipe.



Yes- those are my hand-made nuggets!  Meat-husband wouldn’t touch them.  Lucky for him – he had a softball game and could get away without trying them.  The kids and I had them for dinner and I got positive reviews from all.  They DID need ketchup (or better BBQ sauce) as they were a little dry.  I would add a touch more spices/flavors the next time so we don’t have to use so much ketchup.  The texture was SPOT-ON.  That was a little scary that there was no chicken.  at. all. and they some-how resembled (very closely) processed chicken nuggets.  Pretty obvious our “chicken” is really 99% filler anyway, might as well spend the 5 minutes to make these out of BEANS (and not mechanically separated chicken and parts).  I’ll make these again FOR SURE, but will play with the seasoning to get them a little more flavorful.

Seriously fun to make.


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