Who we are:

Two sisters (and moms), living in two different states, trying to motivate and encourage a vegan way of life. We are open minded and honest about the day to day life, the ups and downs with recipes and our outlook on being vegan (don’t worry…totally light, no politics here).

Who we are not:

Nutritionists: yup that’s right! Our educational backgrounds don’t come even close so don’t take any of our advice/ideas, etc… without doing your own research

Photographers: be kind, most of our photos are taken with our phones

English majors: thank god for spell check

Why this site is cool:

Colorado sister: married to a meat-loving hunter and currently vegan. How fun!

Connecticut sister: staple diet in college consisted of tuna fish on crackers, ramen noodles and an occasional box of mac n cheese – so if she can branch out so can you!


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