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Veganomicon!  Gotta get it!!!

Veganomicon! Gotta get it!!!

Its almost like a 101 on vegan cooking with a ‘must have section’ for the pantry and frig. It has over 250 recipes – and they aren’t just a bunch of salad dressings! Soups, main dishes, brunch items, desserts, sauces, muffins, etc – they have it all in this. The author’s writing is hilarious and it … Continue reading

Stromboli – Vegan style

Stromboli – Vegan style

What do you do when you have pizza sauce about to expire?  Make stromboli of course!  This recipe was amazing.  The kids actually hugged me and thanked me for the “good dinner”.  I was so happy and then wondered if the other dinners sucked???  Anyway, super easy – everything usually on hand and full bellies.  … Continue reading

Italian Orzotto

A while back I made risotto with barley.  Apparently that isn’t anything new and a lot of people do it and its called ‘Orzotto’.   Who knew, I thought I was being so clever.  Well, I cannot really remember what I did and I did not take a picture, but I do remember it tasted really … Continue reading

Beans and Macaroni

Growing up we always had beans and macaroni.  I hated it.  It was my least-favorite meal 2nd only to ‘barf-barley soup’.  Sorry Mom, but you know Jessica (sister) and I hated those meals.   My brother , father and mother LOVE beans and macaroni – as does my extended family.  In fact, my sister and I … Continue reading


I made some sweet potato burritos the other night.  I have to say – they did come out perfect.  I made up the recipe myself so I’ve included it if you want to make it yourself.  (be warned, I do not measure when cooking) The kids actually ate and liked them, which is a HUGE … Continue reading

Recipe review – cupcakes!

I made some vegan cupcakes this weekend with the kids.  We tried two recipes from the ‘Vegan Cupcake’ cookbook.   We decided on peanut butter (since I had all ingredients on hand) and carrot cake (Mac’s favorite).   I made the carrot ones first.  They were very simple to put together and the kids were able to … Continue reading